This coming Friday (Jan. 31) and for one week only, we’ll move cocktail on Friday from Pisces Rising to Ruby Street Bar & Grill, 221 E. Ruby Street in Tavares.  Start time: 5:30’ish.

                 Next Triangle Events:

Tret Fure in Concert - Saturday, Feb 15  at 4 p.m. at Serendipity.  Tret is a well-known folk music artist performing at Serendipity located at 144 W. 5th Avenue, Mt. Dora.  Ticket price: $20 & can be purchased at the coffee shop with cash or check or online with credit card at   If you enjoyed the recent Tea Dance, we think you’ll also appreciate this event.  Picture this: a folk music artist with her acoustic guitar, 40+ people in a cozy & intimate setting of a coffee shop that also sells beer and wine along with small meals, and all of this on a Saturday afternoon.  30+ tickets sold so far so get your tickets soon before they sell-out.  We'll turn Serendipity into an old-fashioned LGBTQ+ bar or speak easy on the 15th.  Less than 3 weeks away!  This is a joint effort of Tret Fure Concerts, Serendipity, and Triangle Connection.


February Meet & Greet - Wednesday, Feb 19  at 6 p.m. at Gator's Dockside Eustis.  Hosts Don Williamson, Sunny Beseler, & Rick Betson.  Address: 15241 US Hwy 441, Eustis.  We'll go back in February to non-ticketed M&G events.  50/50 raffle tradition continues.   Happy Hour prices all day and evening.  Gator's will also provide some appetizers for our group.  Please feel free to bring your Lake Cares non-perishable donations.


March Meet & Greet - Tuesday, March 24  at 6 p.m. at Koko Bar & Grill.  Hosts: Sunny Beseler and Shonne Henry.  Address: 201 W. Ruby Street, Tavares.  More details to come but go ahead and mark your calendars.

Weekly Social and Entertainment Opportunities in the Area:

Pisces Rising is the location for weekly Friday cocktails, starting around 5:30 p.m. - 239 W 4th Ave, Mt Dora. This tradition of gathering at Pisces on Fridays has been going on 14+ years. Moving location to Ruby Street Bar & Grill in downtown Tavares on Friday, Jan. 31 ONLY due to parking/traffic issues that weekend.  Address:  221 E. Ruby Street, downtown Tavares.

Two weekly breakfast groups look forward to welcoming you as follows:

 * Lake House is the place on Mondays at 8:30 a.m. - 315 N. Highland St, Mt Dora.

 * Geronimo's is the place on Thursdays 8 a.m. - 359 E. Burleigh Blvd, Tavares.

Serendipity hosts Drag Queen Bingo weekly on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. - 144 W 5th Ave, Mt Dora. Call Serendipity at 352-729-2213 to reserve your table. "Big Mama" is always ready for show biz on Wednesdays.

Mt. Dora Plaza Live continues to feature some great LGBTQ+ shows.  For more details see their website:
Also check out our friends at Rainbow Family & Friends in The Villages for their activities and initiativesOur sister organization is just down the road a few miles NW of where most of us live. Their Thursday evening event at Bonifay is incredible. More details at

Other TC News:

Shonne Henry joins TC Board of Directors team. Welcome to the BOD team, Shonne Henry. Shonne brings to the board team her passion for diversity and inclusion. A native of Mississippi, Shonne and has lived all over the South, moving to the Mt. Dora area one year ago. She previously worked for IBM, Coca-Cola, and Federal Express. Presently Shonne is a Sales Engineer with TDS Telecom. Her business experience along with people skills and her great personality make her a great addition for our TC community. In her free time, Shonne is an actor with local theater. She played the part of Haversham in “The Butler Did It” earlier this month as well as other acting performances over the years. Shonne has a true love for all people. With a big heart and great skills, she will help us expand our TC community Thank you for agreeing to give back to the community as a TC board member, Shonne.

800+ TC friends strongWhen you look at the 610 email addresses our newsletter is sent to, 556 FB followers, and knowing there are some duplicates between the two, it appears our TC population is at least 800 people strong.  We are a diverse population of LGBTQ+ people and allies.  While mostly in central Florida, we have FB followers all over Florida, the U.S., and some followers as far away as Canada Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia.  Yes, TC is an international community of friends.

Triangle Connection Facebook Followers:   One way to monitor our growth is to analyze our FB trends and analytics.  Many of TC friends don't use FB so it's not conclusive evidence of TC's overall growth but it is a good indicator of possible trends.  Below are a few specifics comparing mid-October 2019 to mid-January 2020:

* Overall growth.  We grew to 555 FC followers over the last three months, compared to 475 in mid-October. 80 net new followers in three months is a good sign, a 17% increase.  If you go back further with TC analytics over 13 months, we almost doubled our TC followers from 300 to the current 555 from late 2018 to early 2020.  While we have work to do, we are making progress.

* Female follower growth.  Today 57% of the followers are female, compared to 55% female population we had back three months ago.  Two reasons for the increase in female population over the last few months: most of our new followers are women and the people who "de-followed" us on FB tend to be male. In other words, while we are gaining many women, we are losing a few men.  We tend to gain about 8 new followers for every one we lose. 

* Geographic view.  Looking at where people live, Mt. Dora continues to be where the largest # of people reside according to FB.  Mt. Dora has 103 FB people following us, Eustis at 63 (up from 53 three months ago and nearly a 20% increase), Tavares at 34, Orlando at 32, Leesburg at 31, Clermont at 13, Umatilla at 13 (up from 8 in October and a 60% increase), The Villages at 11, Fruitland Park at 11, and Deland at 6.  Our international followers increased from 7 to 8 over the last three months.

Again, nothing conclusive with the above but we hope this helps understand a little more about our TC community, trends, and demographics.

Amy and Mary's Wedding

Amy Mary Wedding


The William A. Sievert Scholarship100% of the donations collected for the scholarship fund go to the students.  100%.  We make this happen with the Triangle Connection organization paying all administrative fees.  For example, when you buy raffle tickets at Meet & Greets (and any other donations to TC), that money is part of  TC operating budget and about 20% of the funds annually are used to pay the administrative costs to manage the William A. Sievert Scholarship enabling all donations to scholarship to go directly to the well deserving students.  Please visit the Scholarship tab to learn how to make donations to the William A. Sievert Scholarship.

Local Pride event planned by Lake County Pride 2020 organization.  This Pride organization is led by Danielle Olivani, and she invites you to connect with her if you wish to help with the group’s June 20, 2020 Pride event. Part of their proceeds are to bedonated to Triangle Connection’s William A. Sievert Scholarship Fund.  Below is a link to this Pride group’s official website to obtain more information, volunteer, and leave a message to inquire about the group: