A Community, Not a Club
Every once in a while we hear someone inadvertently use the word “club,” referencing The Triangle Connection (TC). While we understand what the person is probably intending, we think “club” is not exactly an accurate description of who we are. Instead, we are an all-inclusive community of family and friends offering the opportunities for ALL of us to socialize, educate, include, and be open to who we are as individuals. 

Recently, you may have noticed our slightly tweaked mission statement and the post that fellow TC board member Shannon King provided about our goal of being more inclusive, welcoming, and embracing all orientations. 

There are good clubs with good purposes but clubs have memberships and often vote on an applicant's request for membership. TC doesn’t fit into that category. We are open to all - LGBTQ+, straight, all genders, non-binary, any ethnic background, and all in-between, singles, couples, older, younger, transgender and non-transgender, secure in their identity or struggling; and those who live in Lake County and those beyond. If you have attended only one of our functions or simply follow us on FB: you are part our family and community. We believe our inclusiveness will help us in our goal to become more diverse. ALL are family.
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