Meet & Greet

     D e c e m b e r    and    J a n u a r y    S c h e d u l e :
 December 2, 2019 - Monday, 6 p.m.
 Location: Fish Camp at Lake Eustis
 Address: 901 Lakeshore Boulevard, Tavares (corner of 441 and Lakeshore)
 Hosts:  Bill Walsh

January 12, 2020 - Sunday, 5 p.m. - Sunday Afternoon Tea Dance
Location:  Mt. Dora Plaza Live
Address:  2728 W. Old 441, Mt. Dora (same shopping plaza as new Mt. Dora Post Office)
Hosts:  Tickets being sold at M&G on Dec. 2nd at Fish Camp at Lake  Eustis ($20 for first 100 tickets sold)

Our purpose is to bring good people together, and it all starts at our monthly Meet & Greets.  Many of our terrific Triangle Area restaurants open their doors to us as we make new friends and reconnect with those whom we call family.

August 2019 Meet & Greet Photos

July 2019 Meet & Greet Photos

At Meet & Greets we always collect for the Lake Cares food pantry

Please bring to donate any and all non-perishables, including: 
          • canned goods
          • paper goods
          • toiletries
          • mixes and instant foods
          • cartons of eggs
          • coupons (including expired)

(we even had a pair of shoes once!)
They're all of use.

And of course, the Meet & Greet always includes a 50/50 drawing!